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Desi, Basenji/Italian Greyhound mix, East Village,.

From Rachel from: Reggie is a Pharaoh Hound Basenji mix. He is fast like the sight hound he is! He can climb fences in a single bound, and has those expressive ears. When he seems upset I can see him flush, he also is fairly bark-less which is known with the Basenji. I have a mix a basenji/whippet mix. The shelter didn't have her long before I found her there and she was simply listed as a whippet mix. We knew she was too thick to be pure whippet and once we had TWO different people in two different locations mention basenji we started researching them. Race finalement peu connue en France, le Basenji est pourtant un adorable chien qui convient à tout type de famille. Il se fond à merveille dans tout type d’environnement. Il ne demande aucun entretien car est réputé pour sa grande propreté. Il.

Because the Whippet Terrier mix is a crossbreed, his looks will vary depending on what type of specific Terrier breed he is bred from, as well as whatever else he inherits from his purebred parents. The best way to determine what your Whippet Terrier mix might look like is to take a look at the basic physical traits of his parents. The Good: Mixing a Basenji Mix with Cats. I was asked to write about our Basenji mix Lizzie and her introduction to our two resident cats, Ozzie and Flicky. By posting this, we hope to prevent other Basenjis from needing to be rescued due to cats in the family and help those who are thinking of mixing the two. While all mixed-breed dogs can vary in appearance, the Basenji / Rat Terrier mix will tend to be smallish, lean, and energetic. Behavior / temperament: While it's impossible to predict the exact personality of any mixed-breed dog, the Basenji / Rat Terrier may have a difficult time resisting the urge to chase small household pets. Why buy a Basenji puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Basenji puppies who need a home. Anything LookWeird? For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Basenji dogs are really a unique breed within the hound group. While they are not the breed for everyone, those that have Basenjis rarely choose to have another breed. Knowing the traits and temperament of the Basenji is important before making the decision if.

I wasn't specifically looking for a basenji mix when we went to get a new dog, I just wanted a friendly, mid-sized dog and he happened to be there, looking "basenji-ish". When people ask me what breed he is, I tell them he's a Mixie, we suspect basenji, maybe beagle, maybe whippet, maybe brittany. Basenjis: What's Good About 'Em, What's Bad About 'Em. Basenji temperament, personality, training, behavior, pros and cons, advice, and information, by Michele Welton, Dog Trainer, Behavioral Consultant, Author of 15 Dog Books. Interesting posts. A lot of people were/are convinced Rocky is a Basenji, but I'm think he is a RT with Basenji characteristics, if not a mix. He was purchased at a pet store for a ridiculous price and turned over to the humane society in MN. Both the director of adoptions and his foster family are still sure that Rocky is a Basenji.

Basenji Chihuahua Mix Basenji Chi Basenji Lab Mix; Maybe the Basenji or a mix is sounding neat, but you’re not quite sure they’re right for you. We’ll look at some similar breeds. Comparing the Basenji with Other Breeds. The Basenji is truly a unique dog, but maybe you’d still like to. "This is Jelly! She is shown here at 3 years old and is a Basenji, Boxer and Greyhound mix. She loves to play, but also loves her sleep! She loves warm weather and hates snow over 5 inches! I'm here because I recently adopted a basenji mix who was rescued off of the streets of Cairo. Jabari's "mix" is definitely sighthound - he looks very similar to my previous basenji-whippet mix, but has more narrow shoulders and ribs, slightly longer hair and does not have webbed feet a whippet characteristic. Basenji owners are advised to test their dog's urine for glucose once a month beginning at the age of 3 years. Glucose testing strips designed for human diabetics are inexpensive and available at most pharmacies. A Fanconi disease management protocol has been developed that can be used by veterinarians to treat Fanconi-afflicted dogs. The Basenji is highly intelligent, but he has a stubborn streak a mile wide. The phrase "willing to please," used to describe so many breeds, is unknown to him. A Basenji may know perfectly well all the commands you teach him, but whether he actually performs them will always be in question.

Is a Australian Shepherd / Basenji Mix the right Dog for you? Australian Shepherd / Basenji Mix owner reviews, health, training. Adopt a Australian Shepherd / Basenji Mix from a shelter near Boydton,VA. Basenji Pit Bull Mix or an American PIt Bull Terrier Basenji Mix with picture and description -- half this, half that, all mutt. Sia: Whippet/Basenji mix pup. 1. 1. Little Sia has come a long way to find her forever loving family. Sia pup comes to us from Oman in the middle east thru a partnership with Omani Paws rescue. Sia is a super sweet 4-5 month old little girl, she weighs ~22 lbs. Marlie the Rhodesian Ridgeback Whippet Mix. by AllMutt on Saturday. American Cocker Spaniel American Pit Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier Australian Cattle Dog Australian Shepherd Basenji Basset Hound Beagle Border Collie Boston Terrier Boxer Bulldog Bull Mastiff Catahoula Leopard Dog Chihuahua Chow Chow Collie Dachshund Doberman.

Whippet Mix: Niles - Our Strange Boy Not rated yet I want to tell you a little bit about our whippet mix dog Niles. We adopted him from a shelter in Houston when he was 2 years old and my son was 7.. The first generation Labrador Retriever / Whippet mix is a cross between a pure Labrador Retriever and a pure Whippet, although later generations may have different proportions in the mix. Both parent breeds are fast, active outdoor dogs that love to run and play, so you can expect an athletic pet who likes to run, jog, bike, or hike with you. When it comes to speed, the Whippet is the Ferrari of the dog world. Built for speed but able to be couch potatoes, they combine athleticism with love and loyalty. Whippets are laid back and can fit into any environment making them good for families.

  1. Desi, Basenji/Italian Greyhound mix, East Village, New York, NY//the dogist. Desi, Basenji/Italian Greyhound mix, East Village, New York, NY//the dogist. long haired whippet - This cutie looks SO much like sheltie. No need to question the origin of this mix. Claire Clack. Animals I love.
  2. Pasadena, CA - Whippet/Basenji Mix. Meet LEO a Dog for Adoption. Pasadena, CA - Whippet/Basenji Mix. Meet LEO a Dog for Adoption. Pasadena, CA - Whippet/Basenji Mix. Meet LEO a Dog for Adoption. Visit. Discover ideas about Whippet Rescue. Lovables: Pasadena, CA - Whippet.
  3. Sasha is an adoptable Whippet Dog in New York, NY. For more pictures and adoption information, visit Sasha's webpage.Sassy Sasha is an amazing dog. This magnificent Whippet/Lab mix came to us from fr. Meet Sasha, a Dog, at Eskies Online American Eskimo Dog Rescue on Petfinder. Sasha is an adoptable Whippet Dog in New York, NY.

Whippet Rescue Organizations. Here are listed some links of rescue organizations and sites about dog adoption click on the titles to open their pages. WRAP. This organization is devoted to whippet adoption, check out their available whippets. Scruples. Scruples Whippet rescue re-homes whippets in England, Scotland and Wales.

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